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ere you will find things that has to do with the site. Credits, History etc etc. Credits will be listed first. Textures, fonts. . and so on. I am going to try and add all of the things I have used in my layouts, but since I have more than 200 textures that I use it's going to be quite difficult. Most of the links go to deviantart. I find it difficult to find good textures outside of deviantart since on there you can just search for it or check the texture category. So, here is a major deviantart resources dump. I hope you will find these helpful. :) Under the texture, font, script credit list will be some links to people whos artwork I have used in layouts, buttons etc, (such as drawings, pixel, photos etc).

It's mostly links to deviantart, since that's where I find most of the art. I am not good with surfing or searching for drawings or whatever, so I just visit deviantart to find some. Anyway, Thanks to all those wonderful people for making their art and thank you for letting me use your artworks! <3 Keep up the good work!

History of Precise Poetry.

I am having some serious problem writing this part, since I don't really know what to write it. I will start by telling you some about the previous names this site had! This site were first called called Sandera's Filthy Place (reference from a rule of rose forum & rule of rose) but later changed name due. . it being to terrible. It sounded way to filthy and lame. Made me think of porn everytime I heard it. I renamde it to final-dreamer, but I didn't keep that name for long since there are already a very good site called that. Then I decided to name it wonderland-woods.

Wonderland-woods were a name I really liked! I got the name from a american mcgee's alice soundtrack called wonderland woods. I am not really sure WHY I got a new name for my site (from wonderland woods to precise poetry). I used precise poetry for my blog before, and I really liked that name. So it's probably why I use it now. So today, as you can see, my site is called precise poetry. To be honest I don't remember where I got that idea (the name itself). Somewhere on the internet I guess. Or a game. All I know is that I really really like it and I am going to keep this name for a very long time! <3