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reetings, sandra is my name, 21 -- lives in sweden. I am called San but also called either sandrew or boobie. My granmother calls me sandrina. I am born 4th june, 1991 therefore my zodiac sign is gemini! I am a girl, which I kind of think you already figured out. My hair color is red, bright red, my eyes are bright blue and my skin color is seriously pale. I can't help that I hate the sun. . I am long and heavy, short hair and I randomly bit my finger nails whenever I am stressed. I am a very shy person therefore I am very quite most of the time, I don't like to be noticed. Whenever I am with my friends however, my only volyum is loud. I am one of those girly girl people who never wears pants. I always wear skirts or dresses. I love to make my own clothes, since there aren't any I like. I don't have any tattoos, but hopfully I will get one soon. As for piercings, in my ears only.

I don't smoke or drink. Smoking is bad, therefore I have never tried it and never will. (Mostly because my mum got cancer because of smoking.) As for drinking. . I can't. I get sick when I do. Like, not puking sick but alergic sick.

On my "free" time I love to take photos, sew clothes, cook, make necklaces/books/etc, read, do random reserches, talk with my friends, watchmovies, play videogames, customise my bjd(s), go antique shoping, and more random stuff. I am very creative. I have a big thing for magic and paranormal things. Halloween is my favorite day of the year. If I could decide I would eat italian food everyday and pepsi max would be what I would drink to it! I am a huuuge fan of harry potter. My favorite color is Red and lots of the earthy shades of colors. Shoes of choise is converse. (I have guy feet so I can't wear chick shoes). Hmmm. . I can't think of anything else to write.

I have a dyslexia, which is difficult reading and writing etc. I have difficult reading, writing and remembering words. I mix letters a lot as well and other things. . this part isn't that interesting so I will just move one. Dyslexia is fun sometimes, but it often makes me feel stupid. I just have to learn to live with it :)

quizzes and things like that.

here are some quiezzes I have taken over time. When I got bored and when I just simply wanted to take a few. It's mostly quizzes I am fan of or like. Or wonder what the result would be. I hope you like the result, and I hope you take them as well!

I. Which Era Do You Belong In? My result: Renaissance! Now here's glamor! Everything is about discovery. Kings and Queens, art and literature, everything is booming, and you'd love to be in the middle of it!

II. Which Hairstyle are you? My result: Not-so-messy bun. You don't try hard at all...yet, you always look good! How does this happen? With an effortless messy bun, of course! It's a hairstyle you can always count on to display that whole "I don't care but Ii secretly do" thing ya got goin' on ;).

III. What video-game suits you? My result: Alice: Madness Returns! You seem like me(insane) and need something that lets you release than insanity and bottled up emotions by fighting some Ruins with in a 19th century dress with a bloody Vorpal Blade. This personally is my favourite game of all time, and I love it. Other suggestions would be other American McGee games, like Alice in Wonderland (the first Alice game, this is the second), or maybe Grimm's Fairytales.

IV. What Is Your Vampire Type? My result: The Bad Boy! Your vampire is dark and fiery. He's got more sex appeal in his pinky than the entire body of any human guys you've met. He's passionate, selfish, and arrogant. He's obsessed with you, wants to devour you - literally - and will gladly help himself without asking. In an argument, he'll use his evil charms to coerce you into forgiving him, and you will. He's powerful, magnetic, and dangerous. He's inclined to the dark side and you like that he's a badass.

V. What Tree Are You? My result: In Celtic astrology, you're a Hawthorn. The animal symbol that accompanies this tree is the owl. The ancient Druids say Hawthorn people are creative, confident, innovative, eloquent, charming and may be good performers. However, Hawthorns may be prone to being mercurial, impatient, hasty or easily bored.