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hese are my projects! The projects that are featured as images, are the ones I most likely will be doing and finish first. I am working on the graphic & webmaking website right now though, mostly because my friends want me to finish it so that they can learn how to use photoshop better and make websites and so. After that I will start on the haunting ground fansite. And start the forum, it's really importent! I just need to talk with my friends who are making it with me. We need to plan and things like that. I will do the fansites for the ring and spiderwick last. Or I might go the other way around, you never know with me. I might just find something else to do, I am very unpredictable like that.

Below all the images are some "wish" things I want to make but probably won't or can't since of my stupid head. I am hoping though, that I will! I would love to make some one page shrines, like my friend Lucas has. He is super awesome at writing and making layouts. I am so jealous of him <3. Anyway, here we go.

7 days of horror, a the ring shrine.

Samara Morgan and I have a very dark and, "sad" past. First time I watched the ring it scared me so much that I almost had to visit a hospital because I got so chocked and scared. It took years for me to be able to be near a tv or a phone alone again. I was around 15 something when it happen, and now I am 21. So years has passed. Now I love the ring, and Samara. And I want to make a shrine dedicated to her and her tape. Samara was actually the one making me fearless when it comes to ghost, horror movies, monsters etc. Nothing scares me anymore. Which is kind of sad to be honest. I am currently working on a layout for this shirne.

Untitled, a haunting ground fansite & fanlisting.

Me and my friends were going to make this fansite together, but I am not sure if they want to do it anymore. Whenever they want or not, I am going to make one. Try anyway. I really love haunting ground, and I have been planning to make one for a very very long time. I have made a layout and everything, all I need is to start working on the content. I am also going to make a forum for that fansite. I am studying on how you install a forum to a host, but it's not making any sense to me. So it's going to take a little longer before I can install it and let people join and start discussing the lovely game! Haunting ground is such a epic game!

mandragora, a graphic & webmaking site.

Pff, I am totally ignoring this site. I mean, I always come up with other things to do when I am going to work on this one. Hm, well. . I decided to make a graphic and webmaking site mostly because I want to teach other people, but also because my friends keeps on asking me to help them with photoshop. I thought that if I made a website that could help them, instead of asking me, it would be easier for them. And me. So, that's how mandragora got born! Pretty epic name too if you ask me. :D It was planned that this was going to be the site I was going to work on most of the time, when I get time. But, well. . My head has its own will.

  • Albus Dumbledore shrine: Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is one of my favorite characters. . EVER. One of my big dreams is to make a shrine with him. I have tried so many times to make a shrine for him, but I have failed every single time. I WILL make a shrine for him, one day. For now, he will be first on my wish list. :(

  • Sewing blog or Food blog: One of my favorite things to do is sew and cook. I sometimes come up with fun and interesting things doing with sewing or cooking, that I wish I share with other people. I tried to make a sewing blog before. But it didn't look very good. This is one my second wishlist place.

  • Spiderwick fansite or shrine: Spiderwick is one of my favorite books, and one of the few books I actually has read. I have tried finding fansites or shrines with spiderwick, but it looks like there is none. So I decided long ago that I HAVE to make one! Someday! :>

  • Mystical Creatures & Monstrosities: This has been something that has interested me in a very long time, actually my whole life. I just adore monsters, mystical creatures, myths, legends etc. and I have been thinking of making a site with lots of information about those things! But, it's going to be really difficult for me. So it's on the bottom list of wishes.