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As you can see, this is the network page. This is where I keep all my sites listed, and link out to them of course. As you can see, I don't have many things listed in this section, since I suck at getting started. Due to my dyslexia I am more or less brain dead when it comes to writing information about a game or a character or a movie. . . Or well I am not actually brain dead,I just really suck at writing. NOW, lemme explain a little about this section. Before I made this section I used to just have lots and lots of different links linking to unfinished/started/planned sites. I used to think it looked neat so I just left them to. . link wherever they linked. But now, I want to make sections with want to make and finished sites. I like this way better, it makes it more structured but also more neat looking, no?

symbolic dollhouse, an oc collective site.

I made this site mostly for my friends sake, since I would like them to have a fast link to my characters if they ever needed so. I also made it because I wanted a site where I keep all my ocs so that I can remind myself if I ever forget certain things about them. I needs to be updated though, I need to correct lots and lots of errors on it. When I wrote the content on it I forgot to spellcheck big time, so well. . lots and lots of errors. I hope you like the layout though. Since it's one of my favorite ever made! If you want to know what the name means, it will say on the site.

masquerade, a porfolio with art & photography.

this portfolio has gone though so so so many changes. I can't seem to like any of the layouts I have made for it, exept for now of course. It's not 100% epic though, I still need to ass graphics and try fixing the background so that it won't take so long to load. I need to add more art in general and add second pages to the photo, drawing and graphic page. I made this portfolio for school, we had a asigmnent that required us to make either a irl (in real life) portfolio or a web one. I decided to make a web one since I love making layouts and websites. My teacher really liked it and she gave me a really high grade! It made me happy! :)

obliviate, a fanlisting collective.

fanlistings has always been really interesting for me, I have always loved making them and joining them, and not to mention owning them! I have a quite a collection of fanlistings on obliviate, I wish that I hade more though. there are a few I would love to own, and hopfully I will, someday. I just need to keep checking back on them, I often forget it though. . I am very forgetfull. anyway, most of the layouts needs to be looked over, since they aren't that handsome looking. all my fanlistings are one page only, since I like to save time when I make fanlistings and update them. hopfully, I won't have to that much.

other kind of sites.

This is some sites I have joined, communities mostly. Or well, see it like this: It's site that I own but not host. I have a few tumblrs that are linked below, but I rarly use them. I should, I haven't updated in a while. Probably because of how my computer has been acting. Silly thing. You know what? I am not going to write so much text here, just click on the links to see what they are about!

001. pottermore.com
002. deviantart.com
003. pinterest.com
004. shelfari.com
005. 43things.com

001. snow-driven.tumblr.com
002. monday-afternoon.tumblr.com
003. among-fairies.tumblr.com
004. flickr.com
005. twitter.com

001. denofangels.com
002. vdexproject.net
003. facebook.com
004. halloweenforum.com
005. youtube.com