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f you want to affiliate with me, you're welcome too do so! Affiliating has always been one of my favorite things to do with other people, it's both fun and awesome to be honest! If you affiliate you spread your website around, so that other peopel can find it better and you get new friends! (or well, I am not good friends with everyone in my affiliate list) Now, if you want to affiliate with me grab a button/little image below and link back to http://precise-poetry.net! Please save these buttons and uploading ti to your own website. Please don't hotlink! Oh, and be sure to send me a message so that I can add your site to the list of sites that I have here!

As you can see, I am a big fan of the harry potter crew. *laugh* I hope these are good enough to use, size wise and look that is. You might just use a link though, like I have. (when you're going to link) If you don't like these you're more than welcome to make your own of course! Or you might be as lazy as I am. *hates codes*.