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his is where you can contact me if you want to talk with me regarding affiliating, site problems, KIM list and other kind of things. I would prefer that you used this form to contact me other then using a free e-mail hoster (hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc) to send me a message. If you choose not to use the form below, be sure to mark the e-mail with a correct subject, such as; affiliating with precise poetry! or something similar to that. That is very important since I get lots and lots of spam every day. If the subject don't apply to me it will to into the rubbish bin. Also, just to make sure. . I do not check my email every single day. So if you sent a email one or two days ago, I probably haven't read it yet. So be patient! Thank you for taking your time reading and sending me a message, <3

If this form gives you any kind of problem please contact me using following email-address:sandra[at]precise-poetry[dot].net. Or if you want too, you can add me on msn, with the email: georgedesu[at]hotmail[dot]com.





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