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elcome to Precise Poetry! This is a network site, which means that this is a site where I keep all my other sites, there of the name "network". All my sites will be found under the network section next in the navigation. For my work in progress and what I would like to make etc, click on the project section. Credits & info about the site is under the site section and for information about me, sandra, click on sandra. The contact form and contact information is in the contact section. I am very sorry for all the grammer errors and such, my english isn't the best and I have dyslexia. I am sorry for all the text, I mean. . If you like sites with little text this isn't one of those. I get carried away sometimes and just write total random things. Like now. Hm, I will stop. Welcome to my site, I hope you will like it here! <3

29 Jan 2016.
Alright, so I haven't been working on my website for such a long time and it's something that has been quite rough with me. I love working on my websites, and not be able to do it is horrible. I have been quite ill, and not been in full strength. I am a lot better now so I will try getting back into working and updating.

I need to update my fanlisting collective, because it has run into so many problems. I need to reinstall it and upload all the MySQL files to the new collective and holy shit, it's gonna take forever because I have something around 35+ fanlistings. Help?

03 Jun 2015.
Alright titles have never been my strongest thing but, well. . Hello! I finally, with the help of awesome Artur, updated cutenews. My old news are gone though, but I have the backup from the old cutenews. I just need to upload it somehow, not sure how. I will have to look around a bit! 8 >

I need to update this pretty site as well, maybe make a new layout, although I really like this one. I am just thinking of making a new header, because it's the only thing I don't really like. SO yeah. I have sooo many new fanlistings, so check those out. Also gonna update my other sites a bit. So check them out too!

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